Saturday, October 28, 2006


Looks like a must-read

"This book should be read by every intelligent person."
– Robert Lieberman, Cornell University

The Second Law of Life
Energy, Technology, and the Future of Earth As We Know It
By John E.J. Schmitz, $27.99

Each moment of every day, we lose irreplaceable energy, and “modern”
technology is not helping. In fact, it is accelerating the problem at a
catastrophic rate. This compelling and important book explains how
entropy (the second law of thermodynamics) leads to seeing our
environmental and energy problems more clearly. Understanding this
critical science will lead to more complete solutions and future
generations will not be faced with the most severe of consequences.

"The book gives an excellent overview of thermodynamics and
entropy...Certainly the relationship with environmental issues is clear…"

- Martin Heerschop, General Electric

"As a lay reader, I found this book on thermodynamics to be fascinating
and easy to follow. Schmitz gives the reader a solid understanding of
basic thermodynamics theory and the concept of entropy, along with a
systematic description of how these ideas relate to every day life."

– Paul Newman, University of Texas at Austin

"This is one of the most personal science based books I've ever read,
explaining not just the history of the topic, but the author’s own
personal journey into discovering it's wonders and implications for us
all. For fellow fans of Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' TV series on Astrophysics,
this book has the same style. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did."

- Matt Grimshaw, Future Fab International

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