Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Review: An Inconvenient Truth

I think the most subtle, important thing about "An Inconvenient Truth" is that it gives you a chance to witness "History being made" in a very real sense.

I think the best parallel to Gore's campaign is Winston Churchill's tireless efforts to alert England to the threat that Hitler posed, which was seen as kind of silly by many.

Many castigate Gore for failing to act more decisively while VP, but that's a view that is totally ahistorical and fails to credit Gore with enlarging the office into a policy center. And this is while the Office of the President was the hyperinvolved, smart Bill Clinton, a man who made even his enemies admit his charisma.

Darth Cheney's dominance today is with the Presiduncy filled by an essentially empty suit; Gore managed to be a player despite being second fiddle to a superpol. Given that the office of the VP was, until Gore, best described as "not worth a bucket of warm spit" and its principal duty was captured as "You die, we fly" (attending funerals of foreign leaders), its not what Gore failed to get done that counts---it's that he saved Kyoto at all, despite 100% defection from sanity by Democratic senators who all signed on to Byrd's resolution saying that they would enter into no treaties that would hurt the economy of the US.

Despite its manifold failings, Kyoto remains a breakthrough and the first, necessary attempt to mobilize global action on the most significant global threat short of a giant asteroid headed right for us.

Anyone who goes to see An Inconvenient Truth and who begins acting on its message can say that, like the Brits who realized that Churchill was right, they were able to recognize reality before it became a bloodbath.

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