Thursday, July 27, 2006


Interesting: Intriguing local problam solving format takes on energy

I don't know how much of this will be substantive, but this is an
interesting attempt to take discussion out of the sterile "panel
discussion with Q&A" mold and try a different setting and approach.

August 13th -- Meet Minds, Solve Problems
On Sunday August 13, 2006 the first “Meeting of the Minds” will take
place in the Red Light Lounge of the Temple Club located on 500 N. Grand
River in Lansing. This newly forming group is being created to focus on
a single socio/political issue each month, to address important issues
in the community, and to support local organizations that are working to
create solutions.

The format for the first meeting will be:
4:00 PM Doors open, A\V presentations from local artists, board games.
6:00 PM Dinner & organizations speak focus topic.
7:00 PM Participant discussion in the form of "Five Minutes of Fame" on
state commentary on the focus topic.
11:00 PM Networking.
The August meeting will focus on energy issues. For more info, contact
Josef A. Petrous at (517) 507 1799 or



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