Thursday, July 13, 2006


Fascinating juxtaposition of environmental stories

[Not sure what is up with "Planet Ark" putting a US header over the Canadian climate exchange story--perhaps it was a freudian slip by the editor revealing the US takeover of Canadian greenhouse gas policy.

The first story is about Canada considering dropping out of Kyoto; the second and third are about the scorching summer destroying crops in Manitoba and the US. No connection there, no sirree. There's a saying that I'd love to verify--supposedly by some Native American of the 19th C.--along the lines of "We wonder when the White Man will realize that you can't eat money."]

Canada Climate Exchange Awaits Govt Kyoto Decision

Canada's 'Winterpeg' Facing a Dry Summer

US: Drought Sears US Wheat, Corn Prices Soar - USDA

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