Thursday, June 01, 2006


Great model for local food security activities (Wisconsin)

LP4 member Catherine writes:

I have been looking at the website for the Growing Power community food project in Milwaukee and Chicago and it is so great/inspirational.

Every page has some really neat project that we could do in Lansing to increase local food security, enhance people's knowledge about plant production, and develop community ties. (My favorite is reclaiming brownfield city lots to grow flower gardens for beautification and for neighbors cut selected flowers to sell at community farmers markets).

They also have a great composting project going on where they get donated food waste from local grocery store produce departments, then they compost the food scraps using worms and kids (the kids watch the worms) The kids each get their own worm bin to supervise, and then sell the worm casings for $1 per pound.

Here is the site:

And the Growing Power people offer a little gift basket of their products for sale, they call it "Milwaukee's Best Gift Box" (and, no, it's not a case of cheap beer!!!). Here's the site for that:


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