Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Ask your HR dept: How to Write-In Carbonfund.org During Your Workplace Charitable Giving Drive

This morning on the bus to work I realized that really getting broader acceptance for CO2 reductions requires that people be able to buy carbon offsets tax-deductibly through payroll deduction.

Carbonfund.org is a nonprofit. Thus, what we need is to connect Carbonfund with EarthShare, which conducts workplace giving campaigns (a la the United Way) for member charities, which are all enviro groups.

Contact Carbonfund [modified: and your HR dept and ask about writing in carbonfund.org as a recipient of your contributions] so you can buy your carbon offsets through your company's payroll deduction. Then sign up to neutralize your carbon emissions.

You'll be doing us all a world of good.

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